👋 Hi, I'm Tassu.

I'm a Full-Stack Developer, Teenager and a Nerd.

I like open source. Most of the software powering my minecraft server, this website and many other projects are open source. I've also contributed to many other open-source projects.

I like gaming. My main game for years has been Minecraft, however I do play some other games on Steam as well.

I work with modern technology, such as:

You may contact me with one of the services mentioned below or by sending me an e-mail to hello@tassu.me.

Did I say I like open source?

Here are some of my projects, sorted by GitHub stars.

Disclaimer: Data is cached and updated twice a day.


Java · 2 ★

A simple plugin to remove the death screen in Minecraft.


Shell · 2 ★

All of my dotfiles (zsh, hyper, etc).


Shell · 1 ★

Just another simple ZSH theme


JavaScript · 1 ★

Command line utility to create a project from a boilerplate.


JavaScript · 1 ★

My Koa/React boilerplate, edition 2


Java · 1 ★

A highly experimental database utility for Java.

See all that I've done at my GitHub profile. Yes, seriously, I've done a lot.